Why use a Travel Agency

There was a time not so long ago, that there would not have been a question of whether to use a Travel Agent. In the early 90s’ the Internet went main stream and became available to the public which raised the question of our future in the industry.

 With so many options available, the internet, while a useful resource, can be confusing to some travellers. Travel Agents can offer the guidance and the knowledge they seek, providing that personal touch that websites simply cannot offer. Our strong working relationships with our Tour Operators, Airline and Cruise Industry Partners combined with the latest in computer reservations technology, enable agents to access the most up to date information and obtain the best value for you.

An important part of the booking process involves careful discussion of necessary documentation, such as the validity of passports, visas and travel insurance. Travel Agents provide detailed itineraries and excellent customer service until clients have returned home, safe and sound from their journeys. If problems should arise during the trip, we are pleased to offer assistance in relating any concerns to the tour operator.

Using a Travel Agent provides you with the necessary service and guidance needed to book a successful and stress free getaway.  Travel Agents are experts in helping travellers get where they want to go and at the same time can provide options that they may not have dreamed possible. Whatever your travel needs, be they as simple as finding the lowest ticket price for a trip home to visit loved ones, or a dream trip of a lifetime, we are here to serve you.