Escorted Motor Coach Touring

Have you dreamed of European Travel? Perhaps you have envisioned touring the rugged Scottish Highlands, or the beautiful emerald Isle, known as Ireland. Can you imagine standing before the great pyramids of Giza, the only remaining of the seven wonders of the ancient world? Does Greece beckon in all of its classical glory? Would like to see more of this great land of ours, Canada that we call home? Perhaps you would like to explore your heritage? Now imagine, exploring these new worlds and many others, while travelling in the comfort and security of today's modern luxury motor coaches. These beautiful coaches are more sophisticated now than ever before. Standard amenities include comfortable adjustable reclining seats with added legroom, air conditioning, state of the art sound systems, washrooms, and panoramic windows from which to en joy incredible views. With you on your journey will be your professional Tour Director who will share fascinating insights into local history and culture along the way.

Escorted motor coach tours continue to be the choice vacation of an ever increasing number of people who seek an in-depth experience of a country or region. There is a travelling style available to suit just about everyone. Multi-country tours usually cover more than three counties and are perfect for the first timers to Europe who are seeking an overview of their favourite cities and sites. Regional Tours are more in-depth and focus on an area or region, they tend to be slower paced as they cover shorter travel distances. One country tours are popular for those seeking a more leisurely paced tour which focuses on the immersion of one country and culture. The younger generation will love what Contiki has to offer, specializing in the 18-35's who are looking for adventure, culture, sightseeing and socializing. Trafalgar, Insight, Globus, Colette and Contiki are some of the most well known and trusted tour operators. Also there are a number of operators that specialize in Canada and the USA, including some of the aforementioned; these include Brewster, Hanover and Fehr-Way and the much famed Rocky Mountaineer!

The value simply cannot be beat, both in cost and time savings. The cost of your tour typically will include, all transportation, including luggage handling, first class accommodation in centralized locations, many meals including daily breakfast and your sightseeing with many entrance fees. You will receive all of this, at a cost often less than $200.00 per day, much less than if you were to travel independently. As all details are taken care of for you, your time is your own, leaving you instead to make the most of your vacation and enjoy it to its fullest! So why not stop dreaming, and begin planning your trip of a life time today with Simply Travel by Design!