Travel Safely, Travel Wise


Always carry a valid Canadian Passports for all trips outside of Canada. Many countries require that your passport be valid for a period of 3 to 6 months beyond your date of return. As this validity date is subject to change without notice, the 6 month rule is strongly advised. Please confirm the validity dates for your destination at or applicable consulate.

If your passport is not in pristine condition, you may be denied entry into certain countries. If you are unsure, to be safe, apply for a new passport.

Always travel with a copy of your passport and store separately. This will prove invaluable in the event of loss or theft.

What’s in a Name?

When booking travel, always ensure that you have given your name as it appears on your passport. This is especially important when travelling outside of Canada. Domestically your name must always match your Government issued photo identification. 

Travel Documentation

Upon receipt of travel documents, it is your responsibility to review for accuracy.  Although errors are unlikely, this would be the time to catch and correct. 

Travel Insurance

Never leave Canada or your province without the benefit of Travel Insurance to protect you and your family. Travelling without Emergency Medical while outside Canada can be an unexpected and costly expense. Only a portion of these costs may be covered by your provincial health plan. Always consider the purchase of Cancellation/Interruption Insurance to protect your travel investment.

Always Confirm

Please confirm your check-in times with your airline as they can vary. For example, most charters advise a minimum of at least three hours prior and may close the check-in counter completely at one hour prior. Check-in times will differ for domestic and international travel.

Always check the size and weight limitations of your carry on and checked baggage with your chosen airline. For example, most charters will differ from regularly scheduled carriers. You will also want to confirm any applicable baggage fees that may apply.

Reconfirm your flight times both prior to departure and return

Size Matters

Ensure that all liquids, aerosols & gels are in containers of 100 ml (3.4 oz) or less. Place these items in a clear resealable 1L (1 quart) plastic bag. One bag will be allowed per person. Full details can be found at 

Travelling with Medications

Prescription medications should be in their original containers. It is advisable that you travel with no more than personal use quantities. These medications are best carried on your person or carry-on.

Vaccination and Immunizations

Always check with your local District Health Unit several months prior to travel for necessary or suggested immunizations or vaccinations